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Updated: 25/3/2011 13:13:24 PM

Who we are?

Broken rice is the rice which is broken into 2 or 3 pieces. Broken rice - Com Tam is considered as one of the most traditional food from the South of Vietnam, together with Pho from the North. Nowadays, broken rice is found not only at "pavement" food shops, but also in the restaurants with an aim to build the "Vietnamese broken rice" to be "the food of Vietnam" as Pho has done as well so far.

MOC Group has already developed 4 brands and built more.

"COM TAM MOC" _ The Vietnamese broken rice.

"Pao Dim Sum" _ The Chinese traditional dish that involves small individual portions of food which usually served in a small steamer basket or on a small plate. It is usually known as "YUM CHA"

" ROM BBQ" _ Vietnamese BBQ restaurant_grilled at the table.

"MOC DECOR" _ Design & construction.

These 4 branches are growing and growing day by day. Our experiences allow creating brands and services that closely respond to the need of the customer. It is especially true in term of store design and creating the task of the customer design.

Another unique selling point of MOC brand is ability to combine multiple brands under one roof creating a premium food court concept. In this way, consumer is given more choices_ attracting more customers & increasing sells.

Why "MOC"?

"MOC" in Vietnamese stands for simplicity, in another meaning it is also about wood and tree. Meanwhile, "MOC" could be a stamp - a commitment. Inspired by that spirit, Com Tam MOC,  is founded as simple as it is. The food is made and served in a traditional and simple way with a consistent quality commitment. The space of brown wood in well alignment with old bricks, wild flowers and yellow- light lantern always brings a feeling of nothing but warming and cheering…

The brand identity is built up in the core spirit of "Simply MOC", yes, approaches and convinces others in its own way.

What we serve?

Com Tam MOC - The variety of dishes to diversify the original concept of broken rice. More and more R&D for healthy food. Specialties brogans out the more taste experiences for customers. The differentiate concept simply is "it's just been cooked right after your order" , simply brings the food to its freshness.

How we run?

Experience by time to time, this business model has found its uniqueness and high feasibility to expand due to its small size with adequate investment and appealing return on investment.

The operation is smoothed by the accumulative experiences and standardized operational procedures. The management system includes inventory system, billing system, HR system and customer service system have advantaged significantly from the intelligent software that allows us to connect and control the network online. The Quality controller's role is taken seriously for stability and consistency.   

These might help to figure out these brands is doing well the own business and confident to build up the franchise system in Vietnam and oversea.

When we grow?

April 2007: "Com Tam MOC" opened the 1st in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City. It has been generating a new trend for Broken Rice Business concept and model in Ho Chi Minh City. "Com Tam MOC" received all positive reactions from both Vietnamese and foreigners.

April 2008: "Com Tam MOC” has obtained the Certificate of Intellectual Property of brand in Vietnam. At that time, the second outlet opened in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City also. The operational process has been step by step standardized, which is a preparation for franchising model.

February 2009: The third "Com Tam MOC" is continued to open in district 1 as well in order to meet a huge demand in Ho Chi Minh City.

Year end 2009: "Com tam MOC" succeeds to have an AREA FRANCHISE in Ha Noi. Moreover, "Com tam MOC" model is succeed and well-known in the the North area.

August 2010: MOC Group has launched 2 more brands which are Pao Dim Sum and ROM BBQ. Together with Com Tam MOC, Pao Dim Sum and ROM BBQ are also succeeding.

How to be our franchisee?

And now, our Com Tam MOC is “FRANCHISING ON AIR”. We are looking for our area franchise & master franchise in Vietnam & oversea.

For more franchise information, email us: comtammoc@gmail.com or +84.978.884.498 Ms. Dai

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